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I put my heart and soul into breeding the healthiest, happiest boxers possible so that I can spread the the joy that my dogs bring to me, to other families.

Below, are some heartfelt notes and letters received from previous and current owners of my puppies.

They snore, drool, fart and leave stains all over my walls (no, I'm not talking about my kids - don't have any).

Boris and Grisha (I guess they are my kids) are the best things in my life!! I can't imagine my life without them and I owe it all to you Liz!

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have given me (twice).

Your support didn't stop after we all went home; you are always there for us and ready to help and offer advice in any way you can.

You and your boxers are the best!

Thanks a lot,

Antonio B

Our entire experience with Biancales Boxers has been great. From the very beginning, Liz has always been very knowledgeable and friendly. She welcomed us into her home to meet her beautiful Boxers and provided us with health and background records of our puppies parents. Once our puppy was born Liz uploaded weekly pictures until we could bring our bundle of joy home.

Our “puppy” – Harley – is now 15 months old. She has the true European Boxer look and she is beautiful. Her temperament is wonderful – she loves hugs, kisses and cuddles – and she is extremely smart and well behaved. We get compliments on her every day! We are so thankful and lucky to have found such a wonderful breeder. Thank you, Liz!

Michelle Collicutt & Andrew White

After losing our beloved Stuart, I said never again, my husband and I both agreed...we were down from 4 to 3 and that was enough, we weren’t going to bring another dog home, certainly not another puppy and even if we got down to having just one at some point, adding a Boxer just wasn’t in our future, not after losing 3 of the very best over the years. But, on the anniversary of the loss of our brindle boy Luther we began to reminisce. The Boxer is a very special breed. Those who have shared their home with one understand completely...they are the clown of the dog world and part human no doubt. I swayed much easier than I thought that night and it wasn’t long before we were feverishly searching the Internet. My hubby was on board...he was a big softy when it came to Boxers – after all, it was his idea 13 years ago that we bring home our first. Luther was from a breeder (no longer breeding), our other 2 from Boxer Rescue and so, we didn’t know where to turn for our next addition. One thing was for sure, we decided we wanted a boy and over the course of the weekend we chose his name – we would call him Arlo. It didn’t take long to find Biancales Boxers – the site was on the first page of my search and it came up through several other searches thereafter. I was immediately drawn to the look of Liz’s dogs and I liked what she had to say. I continued my investigation and was happy to find so many positive comments and remarks regarding her dogs. Having owned dogs all my life, I was no newbie and therefore confident I couldn’t be fooled when visiting a breeder. I knew the questions to ask, what to look for and how I should feel when walking into a breeder’s home. I contacted Liz and to our surprise and sheer fluke of luck, there was a boy available. We set up the visit and counted down the days. When we arrived at Liz’s home I was immediately pleased that we were greeted at the front door, not by a person but by a gorgeous, friendly, fawn female sporting a thick pink leather collar – not a bark, just a simple, c’mon in LOL. Liz was visiting with others that day – the house was busy with the hustle and bustle of Boxer wiggles and the excited conversation of visitors. I think I knew right then and there, we had found our breeder. The icing on the cake was meeting the sire of our pup – Kaiser and his family as well as our pup’s mom...Madi. She was the spitting female version of our dearly loved brindle boy... it was love at first sight. Both Kaiser and Madi were fabulous looking Boxers but moreover, they were exactly the temperament we were looking for. Full of jellybean wiggles, lots of social interaction and very well behaved. Kaiser’s family was with him and they were lovely. The “dad” of an older sibling to our pup was also there, taking in the puppy fun and obviously proud and happy to have a Biancales Boxer of his own... he wasted no time showing us her beautiful face on his phone – he was beaming. This sealed it; we were sold and hadn’t even met our pup yet! What better way to get a feel for a breeder than to meet her satisfied families! Liz greeted us and took the time to show us around. She explained her breeding program and lines – we knew she was the REAL DEAL. Then we saw him...sooooo adorable, one side of his face white, the other dark – a special boy indeed, he melted our hearts. That was it, we signed on the dotted line. Arlo was young, not ready to come home with us but Liz allowed me to make a number of trips back to bond with him. I even had the occasion to meet the infamous Burgos on one of my visits – another true Boxer. His look is exceptional and he has the temperament to match. There was no question that we had hit the jackpot meeting Liz and her crew. We prepared our home and ourselves for the day we would bring home our little boy. March 27, couldn’t come soon enough. That day and each day since has been filled with Boxer snuggles, snorts and smiles. Arlo fit in nicely – our other pups (11.5 year old Bulldog, and 5 year olds Poodle mix and Terrier mix) accepted him almost immediately - they have all become the best of friends. I won’t tell you it’s been a complete breeze...bringing a puppy home is a HUGE commitment. Lots of early mornings, plenty of positive training and ongoing socialization.’s worth every second. A Biancales Boxer is a gift...thank you Liz! We love our boy to bits!!

Jodie and Terry, Welland ON

My husband and I have had boxers for the past 15 years. After losing Henry earlier this year I was unsure if I could go through the loss again. Our 6 year old Millie was sad but adjusted. My husband began to research breeders and he found Liz.

After visiting Liz, her beautiful boy Burgos and the girls, we knew we had to have one of her puppies. We went on a waitlist and kept up to date with her breeding by way of the Biancales Boxers Facebook page. It was not long before Piper gave birth to hers and Burgos' pups. A healthy litter of 9. When we met our little Bruno our hearts melted. I cannot even begin to explain how sweet and smart he is and his personality is such a joy. Millie took to him too.

Then out of the blue a beautiful puppy from the Kaiser and Destiny litter became available. I immediately called my husband and we made arrangements to visit him. When we brought Nelson home he fit straight into our household and the three of them became inseparable. Five weeks later we are the proud puppy parents of Millie 6, Bruno 24 weeks, and Nelson 16 weeks and we could not be happier.

The whole experience has left us with huge smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. We both feel so thankful to have found Liz and we highly recommend her to anyone considering a boxer pup.

Sharon and Steven Coulson

* Sadly, a week after receiving this beautiful testimonial, the Coulsons lost their handsome Bruno to tetanus. Bruno will forever be in their hearts, and mine.

Run free sweet Bruno. You'll forever be loved and missed.

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